My Story

Aesthetics, design and art have all played a major part in  my life. Not only as a practicing cosmetic and reconstructive dentist, but also in the  hobbies and leisure activities such as  garden design, decorating and automobile racing. Art has grown into one of my many passions. Acrylic and epoxy resin painting is what I enjoy most. Some of my creations are on canvas, metal, MDF or wood. The more colorful and vibrant, the better! My works have been featured in Art World News and Westport Lifestyles Magazine. 
My paintings are available for purchase either directly through me or Ken at Westport River Gallery,Westport, CT 06880. Some of the work on the site may have already found a home. Please inquire about the price and availability. I can ship anywhere in the world. I am also available to do totally custom sized, colored , commissioned works. Gallery and designer inquiries welcome. Thanks for viewing!